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Universal mobile apps

Development of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets with many complex features. Open for cooperation.



The application provides an overview of data on energy consumption in your house hold or company. Your household energy consumption will be very easy to monitor! Data is stored on a server, which requires authorization. Is possible to enter data on the status of gauges, this can be done based on your needs. Data might be entered on daily basis. However is possible to make an entry less frequently. You can view the graphs and compare the conception for each prior period. The application is able to calculate the consumption for any period. For the best view, data is stored in groups and categories. It is possible to view “DEMO DATA” in other words sample data. This way you can get a clear picture of how the application works, before you start your own work.


List of the most common currencies and their banknotes. The application also displays the current exchange rate. You can specify the amount and choose any currency conversion. Free trial version has only limited functionality. In trial mode, currency exchange rates are not updated and detail of some banknotes is not available.

Rehab & Relax

Set of basic rehabilitation exercises to practice spine. The application contains a selected series of exercises with different focus for regular practice cell spine. Individual exercises are added graphically, for the right exercise.


Supported technology and features

  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Universal code
  • Shared app logic
  • Cloud
  • Database
  • Offline services
  • Powerful rest api
  • Resazible app content
  • Identity providers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft Account...)